Top 3 Ways to Successfully Fund your Retirement

The only way one can achieve financial stability is through saving the money you’ve worked so hard for and investing that same money on solid and stable channels. Here are some worth investing on:

  • Laddered Bonds

Bond ladders are the product of buying multiple bonds that mature at staggered intervals. Laddered bonds deliver consistent returns, and feature low risk of loss protection. The staggered maturities effectively lower the risk as all bonds do not mature at the same time. Traditional bonds release interested payments twice a year. This means a six-bond portfolio can generate steady cash flow on a monthly basis.

  • Laddered Certificates of Deposit

This is somewhat similar to creating a bond ladder. It collects multiple certificates of deposit with varying maturity dates, with each certificate of deposit maturing at a later date than its predecessors. This is a more conservative investment strategy than laddered bonds as they are only sold by banks and are secured by the FDIC. Laddered Certificates of Deposit are used for short-term income requirements. It may also be used for long-term needs especially if the rates are high and deliver the desired income.

  • A Collection of Funds from Different Sources

Retirees should bear in mind that funding should not only come from one source, but a collection of sources for future income. Those who have successfully earned steady income is that the money comes from a combination of sources such as social security benefits, pension, real estate, and income-generating investments. Rounding the mix will enable you to receive monthly incomes thus ensuring financial stability in the long run.

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